We have just uploaded a Crowdfunder to help us tour Behind the Wallpaper and raise awareness of Postnatal Depression and Postpartum Psychosis in and around Dorset. Please help us by pledging on the website by clicking HERE. We will be eternally grateful! Plus the more you pledge, the more free stuff you get :o)

Rummage Theatre will be touring ‘Behind the Wallpaper’ from June 2014 in theatres and venues across Dorset. Our tour has two main aims…

1.       To raise awareness of postnatal depression and postnatal psychosis. At least fifteen percent of new mothers experience some form of postnatal depression. For two in every one thousand new mothers, Postnatal Depression develops into something far more frightening – Postpartum Psychosis.  Within just a few days, they can experience hallucinations and feel disconnected from reality. In extreme cases, women have been known to take their own lives and sadly, the lives of their new baby. We are planning to work closely with a number of postnatal depression charities and organisations in an attempt to raise awareness of the subject and help to erase the taboo surrounding mental health issues.

2.       To bring innovative, stimulating and inspiring new theatre to audiences in Dorset. We are passionate about touring our work in villages and communities that might not otherwise have access to the arts (be it for health, economic or logistical reasons.)

We are appealing for funding to help finance the travel and accommodation costs of the tour as well as helping to fund the purchase of set, props and costume.
Well, well, well! We hope you've all had a fabulous Easter. We certainly did, we now have chocolate running through our veins! We spent the first week of the Easter holidays in the Bay Theatre, building our set, playing with projection and silhouettes, blocking, writing music and having some photos taken by photographer, Matt Ayles. And here they are!
We're in the process of booking our tour. Dates are coming in and we'll be able to reveal a few of the earlier dates soon. Keep visiting the page or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for easier updates. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in booking the company for a performance or workshop or simply if you just fancy a chat. Our e-mail address is . For more specific contacts, please visit the contact page.
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