We had a fantastic and inspiring rehearsal ith Dave Phillips today to explore different music composition ideas for Behind the Wallpaper. Dave has already composed two great pieces that will be featured in the play.
Dave is a well known musician in Dorset, who is currently working for the Alive Network agency gigging all over England at various functions.
We are very lucky to be working with him and we're very excited to put our creative minds together!
Hi all,
We are on the look out for Postnatal Depression/Postpartum Psychosis charities or organisations in Dorset that would be interested in working with us throughout the tour of our newly written play, Behind the Wallpaper. The play deals with Postnatal Depression/Postpartum Psychosis and the subsequent destructive effects it has on mothers and their relationships. We are exploring the support that is available to women and families in Dorset and we are passionate about raising awareness of this temporary but dangerous madness.
If you are interested or know of someone who might be, please contact Lauren at . If you would like to find out more about the play, please visit the PRODUCTIONS page. For more contact details, please look at the CONTACT page.
Here is our promotional video for our new play, Behind the Wallpaper. If you are interested to find out more about the play, please take a look the the PRODUCTIONS page or CONTACT us.

Behind the Wallpaper - Rummage Theatre from Hannah Soulsby-Phillips on Vimeo.

Hello all!
Welcome to Rummage Theatre's new website!
Here you'll be able to keep up to date with the development's in the world of Rummage Theatre. Please feel free to have a 'rummage' around the new site... Eh! See what I did there?! 
We have included information about our new play, 'Behind The Wallpaper' which will be débuting at The Bay Theatre, Weymouth College on 19th June. If you are a theatre/venue looking for new work to include in your programme, please contact our tour manager, Hannah at [email protected] to discuss. You can also call her on 07725162748. 
Enjoy the new website!
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