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1998. The last Magdalene Laundry has
finally closed. Mother Brigid, a lonely old
lady sits in the lounge of St. George’s
Retirement home with her brusque nurse,
Mary. It soon becomes clear their
relationship is not what it seems.
Widely documented, the Magdalene
Laundries were institutions for ‘fallen
women’ where ‘voluntary prisoners’ were
incarcerated to ‘wash their sins away.’ How
did British society fail generations of
women and children by allowing them to
be wrongfully imprisoned and brutalised?
What has happened to the survivors, our
present day victims who cope with life in
the aftermath of these traumatic
Rummage Theatre, in association with
Weymouth College, inspired by real life
stories, debut with a poignant and thought
provoking new piece of writing.
Be prepared to connect emotionally as
Rummage dynamically bring characters to
life, challenging moral judgements and
sparking debate.

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